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LTE Direct and the Importance of Proximity to the IoT

Here is the world we want to live in: When we get in our car, we don’t have to put a key in the ignition; we just press “start” and we drive to work. When we get to work in the morning and sit down at our desks, our computing devices automatically contextualize to our user profiles and all of our content is readily available. We can easily hand off voice, text and video communication between devices and communication protocols. When we walk down the street for lunch, we get contextual ads based on our known preferences from area restaurants competing for our business. When a group of us goes to our neighborhood pub for happy hour, the music changes because we represent an influential minority and one of the TVs switches to a sporting event we are likely to want to watch. When we go home and pull into the driveway, the garage door opens automatically, and the lights turn on according to our user profile and time of day. When we go to the restaurant, bar, night club, sporting event or theater, we form an ad-hoc social network of proximally-related people, all with wireless devices in our pockets.