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Monday Morning Quarterbacking IoT Security

Hey kids! Want to launch a distributed denial of service attack using the Internet of Things for fun or profit? It’s simple. Just follow these easy steps.

The Spark That Will Ignite the IoT

IoT Insights: The Spark that Will Ignite the IoT

There is a somewhat infamous 1995 Newsweek article about how the hype and the reality of the Internet were so far apart. Here is a choice excerpt complaining about the promise of e-commerce:

“Stores will become obselete. So how come my local mall does more business in an afternoon than the entire Internet handles in a month? Even if there were a trustworthy way to send money over the Internet—which there isn't—the network is missing a most essential ingredient of capitalism: salespeople.”


The Internet of Shit: The Only Way Out is Through

Lately, we've been seeing a lot of snark about the IoT. The Internet of Shit? I'll be first to admit that it's pretty bad right now, and it's worthy of the satire, but I can't help but think that many people jumping on this bandwagon are missing the big picture: This is only a phase


Companies that make things have decided to make “Internet of Things” things and the product managers of those Things think putting the Internet in their Things means putting the current version of the Internet in their Things. And this is how you end up with a refrigerator that streams Pandora music or a cooktop that can give you Facebook updates. (These are real products, and I won’t even bother you with a link.) When you do this, you aren’t building smart things, you are building dumb things. You are building things that people laugh about behind your back.

Tellient: Hold My Beer While I Explain Like I'm 5 Internet of Things

HMB While I ELI5 IoT, K?

That's, "Hold My Beer While I Explain Like I'm 5, Internet of Things, Ok?"

I had a great question come up about 5 minutes ago on our Facebook page by my friend, the IVR Voice, Allison Smith. It's 7:30 on a Friday night and yeah, I've cracked a local San Diego IPA and was settling into a long night of dorking around on the Internet. I love the question and needed more room than Facebook allows, though: