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Shawn Conahan, CEO, Tellient AllSeen Alliance Summit Keynote

Analytics for the Internet of Things Keynote at AllSeen Summit

Today our fearless leader, Shawn Conahan, CEO of Tellient, gave a keynote address at the first AllSeen Alliance Summit. Shawn covered topics related to Analytics for the Internet of Things, including descriptive analytics predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics and how they are applied to connected devices.

Shawn discussed how manufacturers can extract the greatest value from their products and customer relationships, by including device analytics in their value chain. Connectivity provides the link to customers, but analytics is the link to understanding them.

We've made the content of his keynote and more available as a free, downloadable whitepaper: The Sophisticated Manufacturer's Guide to Internet of Things Analytics.

Tellient AllSeen Alliance Analytics for AllJoynThe collaborative open source AllJoyn project, overseen by the AllSeen Alliance, provides a core framework and services that enable interoperability among connected products and software applications across manufacturers to create dynamic proximal networks. The AllSeen Alliance Summit, held Nov 11 & 12, 2014 in Santa Clara, was the first invitation-only event designed to provide a collaborative and educational space for the steering groups and work groups of the AllSeen Alliance.

Tellient VP of Engineering, John Hardin, chairs the Analytics and Telemetry Working Group for the AllSeen Alliance and led the Work Group meeting at the AllSeen Alliance Summit on Tuesday. The Analytics Working Group develops an open source API and a common implementation to enable and provide device manufacturers with device-level capture and reporting of events, states and other defined data via a secure protocol and gateway to a server-side analytics engine. The group also provides device owners the ability to view usage information about enabled AllJoyn devices on their proximal network.

Download the Free Whitepaper: The Network Operator's Guide to Monetizing IoT Data

November 12, 2014 Tristan Barnum IoT Analytics

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